Tagungsraum im Seminarhotel Gradonna in Tirol

Conference rooms at the Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort

Exceptional seminar rooms

Every seminar is special, with its own individual requirements and atmosphere. At the Gradonna, your exceptional seminar hotel in Tyrol, you have the choice of 5 multifunction seminar rooms, the fully glazed “Weitblick” on the top floor of our tower, the high alpine “Adlerlounge” at 2500 m, or the “Johann-Stüdl-Saal” in Kals itself.

Seminar and conference rooms with far-reaching views

The connection with nature and the surrounding landscape is continually palpable. From our seminar rooms, rooms, and chalets, furnished in wood and Kals marble, enjoy impressive mountain panoramas and breathtaking views.

Flexible rooming options

The seminar rooms at the Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort offer plenty of room for events of any group size, from the smallest through to over 400 participants. In the case of such large occasions, we can even offer you exclusive use of the whole resort.

Top seminar technology and equipment

Our technical equipment at the Gradonna is of the latest standard.

Seminar room equipment:

  • Flipchart
  • Projection screen
  • Pin board
  • Presenter’s case
  • Data projector
  • Wi-Fi (throughout the hotel)
  • Telephone
  • Radio microphone

We can happily supply a photocopying service and other seminar and event equipment on request.

Overview of seminar rooms

The 7 available event rooms differ in size and seating options. For your seminars and conferences our professionally equipped seminar room “Geistesblitz” is flooded with natural light, is approximately 55 m² in size, and has different “thought rooms” from 40 m² to 260 m². Your participants can remain together in a group when eating in one of our restaurants. For a true “above it all” feeling, our “Adlerlounge” is at 2600 m above sea level, or the “Johann-Stüdl-Saal” in Kals am Großglockner itself with capacity of up to 330 people.


in m²





55 m²




Denkstube 1

260 m²




Denkstube 2

75 m²




Denkstube 3

50 m²




"Weitblick im Turm"

35 m²




Adlerlounge 2 500 m

420 m²





300 m²





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Seminarraum im Hotel Gradonna in Österreich Tirol
Seminarraum im Hotel Gradonna in Österreich Tirol
Tagungsraum im Seminarhotel Gradonna in Tirol

Seminar room “Geistesblitz” at the Gradonna

This room as an area of 55 m² and height of 2.5 m, making it ideal for events with up to 30 participants using parliament seating, or 50 with cinema-layout seating.

“Denkstube 1” at the Gradonna

Our thought room “Denkstube 1” is 260 m² in size, with a height of up to 3.5 m. With cinema-layout seating, it can accommodate approximately 200, 160 in parliament layout, and 100 in horseshoe seating.

“Denkstube 2” at the Gradonna

With an area of 75 m² and a height of 3.5 m, this room offers a perfect ambience for events with up to 80 participants with cinema-layout seating or in block layout.
(parliament-layout seating: 60 and horseshoe: 30)

“Denkstube 3” at the Gradonna

This room is 50 m² in size and seats up to 60 people in cinema-layout or in block layout (parliament layout: 45, horseshoe: 25).

“Weitblick” tower room at the Gradonna

For events of the highest standard, the Gradonna tower room has a size of 35 m² and ceiling height of 2.3 m. Enjoy a first-class seminar ambience with panoramic views of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

The “Adlerlounge” (at 2,600 m)

High up on the peak of the Cimaross mountain at more than 2600 m above sea level is the highest point of the Kals-Matrei ski area and the location of the “Adlerlounge” (eagle’s lounge). It is, as well as the Gradonna****s, our second event stage, and one at which any seminar or conference automatically becomes a summit meeting of knowledge, information exchange, and human interaction. The futuristic architecture of the Adlerlounge purposefully creates a contrast with traditional Alpine building styles. Nevertheless, it manages to successfully present the contradiction between modern and traditional in a very exciting way..

The Adlerlounge offers rooming with far-reaching views that can be adapted ideally to form seminar rooms. Included are views of sixty 3,000 m peaks and the Großglockner. What’s more, you and your group can enjoy first-class cuisine, a stylish lounge, and a social bar. Of course, it has all the requirements you could need for successful seminars and conferences. A lovely, interesting bonus is that you and your guests use our own gondola lift for your arrival and departure. This bonus is perhaps only fully appreciated once you realise you can get up to your evening event and back to the Gradonna***s late in the evening too. An early morning ride is also possible to take your seminar guests to a sunrise breakfast.

The Adlerlounge in figures:


  • Area: 420 m²
  • Ceiling height: 7 m
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Different seating options:
    Restaurant layout max. 180
    Cinema layout approx. 100
    Standing capacity approx. 350
    Parliament layout approx. 80

Stone pine “Stube” room with wood-burning stove:

  • Area: 60 m²
    Seating: 30–35

Lounge with leather sofas:

  • Area 140 m²
  • Seating options
    Seated: 45
    Stunning: 80

Terrace approx. 280 m2

The only possible means of access is by gondola lift.

The “Johann Stüdl Saal” hall (in the “Kulturhaus” in Kals am Großglockner)

Johann Stüdl, son of a Prague merchant family, arrived for the first time in Kals am Großglockner in 1867 and quickly gained a reputation as an Alpinist and philanthropist. The people of Kals have him to thank for the South West Ridge route up the Großglockner, new at the time. This route is still known today as the “Stüdlgrat”. The event hall, where we can organise your event in 4 star superior quality in the newly built “Kulturhaus” in Kals also bears his name, a mountaineer who was the first conquer many of the peaks in the Glockner group.

What makes the Johann-Stüdl-Saal a perfect event hall is not only its modern stage and seminar technology and capacity for up to 300 people, but also especially its stone pine ambience. As well as looking beautiful, stone pine is known to have positive effects on people. Our ancestors knew this years ago, and this is why they staged their heated debates in the calming atmosphere of a stone pine room. In fact, scientific studies have shown that this particular type of wood has positive effects on people’s load capacity and regeneration. Just the right properties therefore for intensive seminars, workshops, presentations, and conferences.

The “Johann Stüdl-Saal” hall is in the village centre, reachable on foot or by transfer in just a few minutes (4.5 km).

The Stüdl-Saal in numbers:

  • Size: up to 300 m²
  • Height: 15 m
  • Up to 36 tables and up to 330 chairs
  • Flexible division possible using movable separating wall
  • 150 m² mobile stage
  • Variable hall lighting

Technical facilities:

  • Data projector and multimedia PC camcorder
  • CD/DVD player
  • Various connections for audio, video, and computer
  • PA system
  • Powerful Internet connection
  • Presentation material

Book the appropriate space for your event

Let us know your desired dates for your event and we will put together a tailor-made quotation for your seminar room booking. Contact us by telephone on +43 / 4876 / 82 000 or send us your enquiry using our contact form. With our all-round service and know how, we can assist you in the organisation of your seminar, conference, or incentive.