Magdalena’s made in Tyrol

The power of nature

Our own nature cosmetic line at the Gradonna ****s Mountain Resort contains the best of the herbs of the Hohe Tauern National Park, pure mountain spring water with a balanced proportion of minerals specially for the needs of modern skin. The healing properties of Alpine herbs strengthen your well-being and beauty. The medicinal plants come from Tyrol and are processed here according to the Gradonna principles of regionality and sustainability.

  • Yarrow (cleansing and detoxifying)
  • Arnica (soothes sensitive skin)
  • Yellow sweet clover (relaxes stressed, irritated, or itchy areas)
  • Meadowsweet (anti-inflammatory)
  • St John’s wort (brings body and soul into harmony)
  • Yellow gentian (strengthens muscles and joints, especially after sports activity)

Magdalena’s power of the Alps facial treatment

Enjoy an intensive care treatment for face, neckline and hands. This effective relaxing ritual uses high quality plant-based care products, hot herbal compresses, and the pleasant fragrance of stone pine, promoting deep relaxation. Look forward to a visibly fresh, harmonious appearance.

approx. 60 minutes€ 79.00

Magdalena’s moments

Feel how signs of stress and tiredness disappear. The combination of a releasing and cooling massage technique followed by an eye compress brings renewed radiance to your eyes.

approx. 35 minutes€ 48.00

Magdalena’s mountain massage

This classic whole-body massage brings strength through relaxation. The interplay of special substances from the mountains reduces tensions, loosening and strengthening the muscles.

approx. 50 minutes€ 75.00

Magdalena’s aroma massage

Oils from local mountain herbs make this relaxing whole-body massage not only a pleasure for your body, but also refresh and invigorate your soul in a totally natural way.

approx. 50 minutes€ 75.00

Magdalena’s mountain fresh body peeling

A holistic healing experience for your skin. A mineralising body peeling, enriched with various herbal extracts followed by body care treatment brings new suppleness to your skin.

approx. 30 minutes€ 42.00

Our recommendation: book your desired appointment in good time

Please book your desired spa appointment in good time. Our spa reception will happily give advice on the various treatments available.

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Natural cosmetics for skin and hair

We don’t just care for your skin, but your hair too in our in-house hairdressing salon using the Magdalena’s made in Tyrol natural cosmetic line. In the bathrooms of the rooms and suites at the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort you will find hair and body wash products provided. The full product range of our natural cosmetics line can be purchased directly in the hotel or via the online shop.


Natural cosmetics for care-conscious people

With “MAGDALENA‘S made in Tyrol”, named after the daughter of Heinz Schultz, the team around pharmacist and member of the Schultz business family Lukas Schultz has developed a high quality, vegan-certified natural cosmetics line for men and women placing the focus on what is essential, combining natural ingredients to form a high-quality product, with a connection to nature from the outset.