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Gradonna ****s special treatments

Magdalena’s mountain massage

This classic whole-body massage gives strength through relaxation. An interplay of special active substances from the mountains helps ease tensions, releasing and strengthening muscles.

approx. 50 minutes€ 75.00

Magdalena’s aroma massage

Oils from local mountain herbs make this relaxing whole-body massage not only a pleasure for your body, but also refresh and invigorate your soul in a totally natural way.

approx. 50 minutes€ 75.00

Mountain herb Lomi massage

This impressive massage experience using precious herbal oils from the mountains provides not only deep relaxation, but also long-lasting refreshment on a spiritual level.

approx. 75 minutes€ 117.00Whole body
approx. 40 minutes€ 54.00Partial

Glockner stone energy massage

Deep relaxation brought about by the power of stones. This massage stimulates your energy centres and loosens your muscles through pleasant heat. A soothing massage experience for relaxation of the entire body.

approx. 60 minutes€ 97.00

Alpienne herbal stamp massage

A deeply effective massage ritual using powerful Alpine herbs. The freshness of the herbs and the heating effect of the herb stamps provide a wonderful aromatic experience. Soothing and relaxing.

approx. 75 minutes€ 108.00

Stone pinewood massage

In this massage, stone pine is combined with a variety of techniques, resulting in muscle tensions being released. The fragrance of the stone pine gives a pleasant feeling of calm.

approx. 50 minutes€ 79.00Whole body
approx. 25 minutes€ 46.00Partial

The power of the Glockner massage

Enjoy a soothing, relaxing massage on the 11th floor. Re-energise at a breathtaking height with amazing views of the Kals mountains.

approx. 60 minutes€ 90.00

Magdalena's anti-stress massage

Recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries. The massage technique with warm oil along the meridians and the soothing scent of relaxing mountain herbs stimulates the body's energy channels in a positive way and you feel rested and deeply relaxed.

approx. 60 minutes€ 90.00

Gradonna ****s classics

Individual massages

Book your own individual treatment time to relax, vitalise, or recover after sport. We will cater for whatever needs you have.

approx. 80 minutes€ 108.00
approx. 60 minutes€ 81.00
approx. 30 minutes€ 46.00

Classic massage

approx. 25 minutes€ 43.00Foot reflex zone massage
approx. 40 minutes€ 51.00Foot and calf massage with masterwort oil and wood fleece foot bath
approx. 40 minutes€ 51.00Face-neck-head massage

Alpienne sport massage

A massage technique is used to promote circulation and metabolism using selected oils, strengthening regeneration and releasing tense and strained muscles. In doing so, pain and stress is reduced, with optimum relaxing results.

approx. 80 minutes€ 108.00Whole body
approx. 50 minutes€ 77.00Back/legs

Combi massage

approx. 50 minutes€ 73.00Foot reflex zone massage combined with classic back massage

Manual lymph drainage

A very relaxing, extremely gentle form of massage. Using special grip techniques, the transport of blocked tissue fluid is promoted, also supporting venous flow.

approx. 50 minutes€ 62.00Body
approx. 25 minutes€ 40.00Face

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