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Body treatments

Alpienne mountain herb peeling

A soothing body peeling treatment with Tyrolean mountain crystal salt and a mix of herbs such as arnica, St Johns wort and arolla pine provides skin care and activates circulation.

approx. 30 minutes€ 44.00

Alpienne purification pack

A purifying peeling followed by body pack. Active substances from wheat bran and birch leaves combined with juniper wood detoxify and dehydrate your body, strengthening your tissues.

approx. 60 minutes€ 86.00

Alpienne repair pack

This combination of body peeling and pack promotes not only regeneration of the skin, but also has a soothing effect on muscles and joints. Thanks to the high proportion of marmot oil and gentian extract, it is also ideal after sport.

approx. 60 minutes€ 86.00

Alpienne salt on my skin

A cleansing, energising body treatment with gentle peeling effect. This treatment is a combination of a whole-body natural salt peeling and a salt stone massage, cleansing, soothing, and calming.

approx. 80 minutes€ 106.00

Alpienne detox treatment

A relaxing foot bath sets the natural detox process in motion, promoting circulation, de-acidifying, and purifying. The ensuing back treatment using a detox gel combined with a massage and detoxifying pads for feet, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys intensify metabolism and stimulate breakdown and removal processes.

approx. 60 minutes€ 82.00

Alpienne fasciae treatment

A dry glove massage combined with massage methods to stimulate metabolism releases toxins and promotes detoxifying processes in your body. Vine substances have a supporting effect in this. The massage targets reflex points, releasing blockages in skin tissue, stimulating the lymph system and detoxify the body.

Including cleansing ritual with body powder and pack

approx. 50 minutes€ 72.00
approx. 80 minutes€ 132.00

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